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Social Footprint

Inclusion as the name suggests can become possible if everyone who is excluded, is included. To make it a reality it is important that marginalization is reduced, and people are sensitive towards each other. The Social Work Department i.e. the Citizen’s Empowerment group of St Mary’s School aims to create responsible and empowered human beings through social welfare initiatives. The school propagates the philosophy of helping others so that they can help themselves. It believes in building an inclusive --environment for the citizens who encourage brotherhood and non-discriminatory practices.  Education, Imparting Awareness and Empowerment are the key tools used by the Citizens Empowerment Group for sensitizing the students, trainers and community members.

The inequality begins in school, when children of the elite are made to feel they are shinier, smarter, better. And in a city like Delhi, elitist prejudice is not just systemic, it is even aspirational — the ability to cordon off the less well-off from our little clique. The school tries to echo RTE’s intent that “No child should be left behind” thus is very open and welcoming in admitting children from shelter homes

The future change agents i.e. the students are given a platform by the social work department to directly interact with the harsh social realities and realize their responsibilities and roles towards the well being of the needy.

St. Mary’s citizens empowerment group runs various projects with a vision to empower, inculcate confidence and making the beneficiaries self reliant. It has a special focus on women and children residing in the neighborhood communities by facilitating professional training courses in partnership with esteemed organizations.

Our Projects:

  1. Hunger Project: We share what we have

  2. Vocational Training Courses: Trained Women, Independent Women.

  3. Learning English Program: Learning English now becomes Easy

  4. Community Outreach:

  5. Inclusive education: Integration at its best.

Our department believes in collective effort. If we decide to eradicate social ills of society, we believe that everyone’s participation and contribution is required.

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