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Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp 2018

On the 16th and 17th of March, 2018, 27 students went to Santa Maria Intergrated Learning Environment for a leadership camp. There were different sessions organized by the teachers and an organization called 'Pravah'. We first came all the way from St.Mary's to Santa Maria. I was bored and it seemed as if it took us ages to reach Santa Maria. We were very excited and the first thing we did was jump on the trampoline. The teachers had a tough time convincing them to go to their rooms. In the session with prefects, we all asked them questions and they were giving the answers confidently. Then we had to arrange our bed properly. The children's toys were flying from one end to the other. Then we met the two teachers from Pravah. I think one of them was Ankita ma'am but because of my short memory, I can't remember the name of the other teacher. We learnt the different modes of handling a conflict and ESCA (Empathy, Seek, Conflict and.......... Achieve). We also had a movie session! We watched Black Mirror (Season 4: Episode 1) by Netflix. From the movie, we learnt that a good leader always questions everything and takes risks. The movie told us that good leaders question things and set things right even if they had to take a risk. We also played many games that tested our skills to coordinate. After playing, we were so thirsty that we would have drunken a truckload full of water (you would be tired and thirsty if you had to run and roll and do all of those activities). We also had a long theatre session after that. We all had to make a school and we made the craziest school ever with stadiums, arenas, mountains, a swimming pool, a scorching hot desert, a helipad, and there's an endless list of one of the vaguest things in the universe. We also had a music session conducted by Adityan Sir and Ashish Sir. In this session, we had to prepare our own song (I don't know anything further because I was feeling sleepy). Then we went to sleep (though we didn't sleep, we talked till 1 a.m. in the morning). The next day we had our presentations of what we learnt the day before. Another thing which was exceptionally good was the food. Even though Priyanka ma'am had to run after everyone and tell them to eat, the food was very tasty. One of us (won't tell you the name, because you can guess) was so hungry that he ate the top part of the glass. The Leadership Camp was successfully finished because of all the teachers (Reena ma'am, Krishna Sir, Ayushi Ma'am and……… [I forgot]).

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