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Started in 1966, by Mrs. Sara Mathew, St. Mary's has been delivering a quality secondary education to students over the course of 50 years. Founded on the principles of inclusion, equality and fostering team spirit, St. Mary's has been the recipient of numerous domestic and international accolades such as the International School Award from the British Council and was also voted the Times Of India - No.1 School with a Heart in India.

Built on traditional Christian values of sharing and the collective, the school has been a pioneer in creating a new generation of leaders that have a better understanding of the community and the society they occupy. A relatively small school when measured in sq.ft., these spatial limitations have not stopped the faculty and student body from dreaming and creating - BIG.

The layout and design of the new school compound have allowed to school to act in a unique way and install areas and spaces that nurture young talent and encourage observation, practice and participation in a variety of different fields.

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