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Our Vision

All members of the St. Mary’s family envision ...


A child centered co-educational school, where the holistic growth of each child is facilitated through a strong curriculum supported by an able faculty, resulting in intellectual as well as personal development.


The school also envisages a society in which all children, even those who are materially and physically less endowed, are an integeral part, with equitable access to opportunities, enabling them to live life to the fullest.


The school strongly believe in Alexander Pope's advocation:

All are but part of one stupendous whole,
Whose body nature is, and God and soul.

In addition, the school has adopted the following goals:

  1. To seek an able and diverse student body and to encourage in each member the traits of curiosity, creativity, intellectual risk taking, flexibility, independence of though and respect for scholarship.

  2. To instil knowledge and appreciation of the intellectual and cultural heritage of mankind.|

  3. To initiate and establish habits of independence, self-control and an appreciation of the dignity of human labour.

  4. To instil the norms of social behaviour and interaction and to develop a will to face challenges in both work and play.

  5. To develop in the students a winning attitude that determines the quality of motivation and strength of commitment.

  6. To foster in each student a sense of competence, self-confidence, emotional and physical well being.

  7. To encourage social consciousness, concern for others and involvement in and commitment to the community both within and without the school.

  8. To develop a strong sense of moral integrity as reflected through ethical and spiritual growth, while respecting the religious diversity of our country.

Our Vision

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