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The Mental Health Department of St. Mary’s follows the WHO School Mental Health Model which focuses on a long term comprehensive approach
with a strong intersectoral coordination happening at 4 levels in the school. The Level I includes Primary level activities that focus on promoting Psychosocial competence. These activities are integrated into the school curriculum.The Level II includes activities that focus on promoting mental health education and so are integrated in the general health curriculum . The level III includes Psychosocial interventions that focus on students and families in need so as to alleviate identified challenges and prevent their escalation. The Level IV includes provisions for mental health interventions for children experiencing any emotional or academic challenge/dysfunction.

Level I Activities: At this level the preventive activities are planned that promote positive mental health and resilience.

Teachers’ Training
Goal: To synergize the group and promote collaboration, empathy and cooperation among team members
● Providing team building activities for the group to promote collaboration, cooperation and coordination. (July Workshops)
● Enhancing knowledge and skills through constant training and workshops.
● Equipping teachers with necessary pedagogical skills.
● Enabling teachers to understand the significance of individual differences in children and to take appropriate steps for their optimum development.
           (Monthly workshop)
● Enabling teachers to make proper use of Digital Diaries through which they can help students to learn the content as per their learning styles.                   (Department Meetings)

Parent Training
Goal: To help parents develop knowledge and understanding regarding Mental Health Objectives:
● Developing knowledge through conduction of workshops conducted by teachers and professionals.

Students Training
Goal: To enhance the child’s own coping skills and competencies.
● Enhancing decision making and problem solving skills through conduction of circle time in the zero period once weekly.
● Providing skills for coping with emotions and stressors during life skill/ counseling classes.
● Creating an environment of empathy and gratitude through activities like the Hunger project, being a Scribe for a child who may be in need.
● Promoting critical and creative thinking through classroom activities and special assemblies.
● Providing students with Internship opportunities so as to get a first hand experience of the world of work.

School Mental Health Department

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