School Report: Health and Physical Education

Strand 3: SEWA

Dignity of Labour

Swachcha Vidyalaya Swachcha Bharat


Being Safe and Responsible: First Aid/ Health Club; Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Environment Conscious Citizens as Part of Eco Clubs

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse (most important 3R's) and Now Respect

First Aid: Awareness raising and demonstration

Planning, organizing and delivering a League tournament (Basketball, Cricket,Football)

Organizing sports competition for primary school

Organized Inter-class/ Inter-school sporting activities (basketball, volleyball,swimming, hockey, netball, squash, cricket and boxing)

Long distance runs (half and full marathons) for a cause

As volunteer for charities ‘outside of school’ such as orphanages, old-age homes

Participating or volunteering in Youth Parliament or mock UN Sessions

Collaborating as part of Photography Club and create Exhibitions across the city with a social message.

School gardening project

Adopting an old age home for interactive activities

Organising and volunteering for various ‘in-school activities‘ and Language Club,Theatre and Dramatics Club, Social Science Club, Dance club, Science Club, Science

School water use audits

Hunger Project